"Such behavior is exactly what made the holocaust possible."

It was a few weeks ago when the Women of Aviation Worldwide, decided to honour a group of female pilots.

In the beginning, one was Hanna Reitsch who was a proud Nazi and the only woman to ever receive an Iron Cross from Hitler. She was also once quoted as saying "any Germans feel guilty about the war. But they don’t explain the real guilt we share — that we lost.”

So it should come as no surprise that this honouring would anger some people.

One of them was Kat Lipinski, a woman from Kawartha Lakes, whose grandfather survived Auschwitz during the war. So she used her voice to try and make a change.

The group claims they backed away from honouring the Nazi pilot, but shortly after the ceremony, Lipinski received a response in an email. But one line stood out.

"In the future, we encourage you to learn more before throwing stones at good people. Such behavior is exactly what made the holocaust possible."

Lipinski couldn't believe what she'd read. The was shocked that anyone would write something like that, let alone to the survivor of a concentration camp.

"He went through what he went through to give me this voice and I used it to stand up and do what I believed was right. So for them to blame me and call me a holocaust starter...that's ridiculous."

She admitted she never did try and contact them again, instead contacting NEWSTALK1010.

She's also spoken to several other holocaust survivor groups, who have said the line is 'disgusting' and many said this shouldn't be allowed to slide.

"By forgetting, they're condoning. I think the Women of Aviation Worldwide owe these people an apology, and me. They owe me an apology personally." says Lipinski.

NEWSTALK 1010 tried on several occasions to contact the group looking for a comment, but so far have yet to receive a response.