Sully's Gym fights its way off the ropes

There's a new deal that looks set to save an iconic boxing gym in downtown Toronto.

Sully's Gym, on Dupont St., near Dovercourt Rd. was told recently that its lease would not be renewed.

That left the storied place where Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis, and George Chuvalo once trained backed against the ropes.

The gym's owner, Danielle Manteiga, had only a matter of days to pack up her punching bags and leave.

She had no space at the ready to move her business into and even if she did, Manteiga didn't have the ten's of thousands of dollars on hand that would be needed for rent and security deposits. 

There seemed to be little hope that Sully's could survive another round.

That's when Mayor John Tory stepped in after hearing the story on NEWSTALK 1010's The Rush.

Manteiga met with the gym's landlord on Monday and after negotiating an additional extension of several weeks, the landlord has agreed to give Manteiga until the end of June to find a new location.

"For sure we will be moving and if we have to downsize then that's what we'll have to do," she says.

In what's more good news an online fundraising campaign generated the $30,000 needed to pay for the move.

Manteiga says all that's needed now is to finalize a lease at a new location.

"I'm just trying to stay really positive," she says.

"The support we've received really has been overwhelming."