Sunday chaos at Pearson Airport

Some Sunday chaos at Pearson Airport.

Access to Terminal 3 is currently blocked by striking Swissport workers. The workers had staged a rally earlier in the day, but some stayed back and blocked access to the terminal on the busiest flying day of the week.

The gridlock was causing people to leave their cars stranded and walk towards the terminal. Not a very good or safe idea according to Gtaa spokesperson Robin Smith.

" For us safety is top priority and you can't have people getting out of their cars and it is quite dangerous"

For those travelling from Terminal 3 or picking up arrivals, Smith suggests an alternate route.  "What we ask is that passengers whoa are trying to get to the terminal, if possible, go to Terminal 1 and use the free link train to get to T 3 from there. but if you're stuck in traffic for now, stay in your cars because we are working with Peel Regional police to find a solution to this problem and and get thing moving as quickly as possible. "