Sunwing Airlines grounds Boeing 737 Max 8 planes

Sunwing Airlines is grounding its fleet of Boeing 737 Max 8 aircrafts, the first of the Canadian airlines to make such a move.

It's the same type of plane involved in Sunday's Ethiopian Airlines crash, which led to many other international jurisdictions to make the same decision.

In a statement late Tuesday, the airline says the decision was made because of "evolving commercial reasons unrelated to safety including airspace restrictions being imposed by some of our partner destinations."

The statement goes on to say it's in the process of revising its flight schedule.

"We will endeavor to minimize the impact of these schedule changes, which we believe is achievable given that the MAX 8 makes up less than 10% of our fleet.

It's unclear if Air Canada and WestJet will do the same.

157 died in Sunday's disaster, including Canadians.

The European Union, Australia, China and other jurisdictions had already grounded the plane, forcing some Air Canada flights bound for Europe to be cancelled.

Earlier in the day, Canada's Transportation Minister Marc Garneau said while all options are on the table, he said the government would wait on the outcome of the investigation into the crash before imposing all Max 8s in Canada be grounded.

"It's important for us not to jump to conclusions but to evaluate in a very objective and logical way what happened," he said. "At the moment, we have no information whatsoever to lead us to any hypothesis and yet there are many possible causes of this tragic accident."