SUV drives right into streetcar tunnel at Queen's Quay

Talk about making a wrong turn.

A driver managed to drive an SUV into the Queen's Quay tunnel towards Union Station Sunday morning.

Not surprisingly the vehicle got stuck on the tracks underneath disrupting streetcar service in the area.

Const. Rob Reid telling Newstalk 1010 the incident and circumstances are still undetermined.

"We're still trying to piece things together here. But obviously the driver of the vehicle missed the signs that direct people around the tunnel mouth and drove into the tunnel where eventually bogged down on the streetcar tracks."

The driver fled the scene taking the vehicle plates, which won't detour police from seeking out the owner of the vehicle.

" Well there's other identifying numbers on all motor vehicles and we know where all those are and we're going to research them and find out who owns the vehicle."

The 510 Spadina route will turn back northbound at Spadina Avenue and Queen’s Quay and the 509 Harbourfront route will turn back westbound in the area perhaps for some time.

According to Reid, the process of removing the SUV from the tunnel will be lengthy and time consuming.

"Obviously that SUV is bogged down pretty good high centred on the streetcar tracks.  And to get a piece of equipment into the tunnel that's large enough and powerful enough to move it and yet small enough to get into the tunnel is going to be very very tricky for TTC."