Teen wants more than $3 million from TTC


 A young black man and his mother are suing Toronto police and the city's transit authority, alleging he was racially profiled when officers and fare inspectors pinned him to the ground on a streetcar platform.

The 19-year-old and his mother are seeking more than three-million dollars in damages from the police services board, the T-T-C, two unidentified officers and three unidentified fare inspectors.

The man's lawyer says his client -- whose name is withheld from court documents -- was only trying to get off the streetcar when fare inspectors grabbed him.

David Shellnutt says the man suffered a concussion, scrapes on his face and a soft tissue injury to his left shoulder in the incident this February.

The T-T-C says it launched an investigation later that month, and it has suspended one of the inspectors with pay pending the outcome of that probe.

Toronto police say they can't comment.