The mayor reacts to NEWSTALK 1010's Toronto Talks: Transit

Toronto Mayor John Tory is taking issue with some of what we heard in our NEWSTALK 1010 special, Toronto Talks: Transit.

ATU Local 113 President Carlos Santos said Tuesday night, that TTC workers get very little in the way of customer service training beyond de-escalation.

Tory though, says that's, "just not true."

He points to training brochures for staff that go over customer service training.

He blames the discrepancy on the fact that the union head is relatively new to the job. "I wouldn't expect necessarily that the new president of the local would understand every page of the training," Tory says.

Some TTC workers though, back up Santos' assertion.

A TTC operator told NEWSTALK 1010's The Night Side, "They train you for about 30 minutes in customer service and then, I have had nothing in 14 years."