The push is on for affordable, unlimited wireless data plans

You're gobbling up data like never before with the cell-phone flagged with expensive data overage charges to prove it.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission says wireless data use jumped 44% between 2014 and 2015 as you increasingly use your phone to stream radio and television, manage your bank account and order a ride home.

Now advocacy group Open Media is pushing telecom companies like Bell, Rogers, and Telus to provide affordable, unlimited data plans. Bell is the parent company of NEWSTALK 1010.

Tech analyst Carmi Levy explains Canada's data networks exist operate in a way that seems counter to typical tenants of supply and demand.

Levy tells NEWSTALK 1010's Jerry Agar Canadian telecoms have to build a data network just as big as Americas'.

"But they only have one tenth the population to re-coup that investment so something's gotta give somewhere," Levy.

Levy says individuals going over their monthly data limit may not seem like a great stress on the system.

"If we all keep going our limit every month, eventually the company's going to upgrade its network. They're going to have to install  more towers, more wires, more data centres. They're going to have hire more people. It costs billions of dollars to build the networks that keep all that data flowing and at some point someone's gotta pay for it."

Levy is not suggesting high Canadian data rates will be frozen forever.

He points out how far long distance rates have fallen in recent decades.