Thirty people treated for overdose symptoms at Veld festival

Paramedics say they took 30 patients to the hospital for signs and symptoms of overdoses during the Veld Music festival this past weekend.

Kim McKinnon with the Toronto Paramedic Services says that is a normal number of patients to have at such a large event. She says none of the injuries were life-threatening.

The electronic dance festival was held over two days at Downsview Park, and in the past they have had about 80,000 people attend.

McKinnon adds that it is unclear whether any of the overdose symptoms they treated were related to fentanyl.

The festival this year allowed people to bring their own naloxone kits, a drug that temporarily reverses the effects of an overdose, but McKinnon says there is no indication anyone needed to use naloxone.

In 2014, two people died of overdoses at the Veld festival.