This is why public sector workers get an extra-long Easter weekend

The drive into work today was easier than usual.

That's because Easter Monday is a holiday for Ontario's 1.3 million public sector employees.

They're still at home eating leftover ham or turkey sandwiches, or maybe at the gym running off all those chocolate eggs.

Most workers in the private sector have to settle for a 3-day long weekend, unless they book the time off.

NEWSTALK 1010's expert employment lawyer says policies that give Easter Monday off for the public service goes back decades.

"Workers in the public sector had job security and amazing benefits but in return, they made less money," says attorney Howard Levitt, who happens to be slogging it out at the office today, on behalf of his clients at Levitt LLP.

He says years of victories at the bargaining table by Ontario's public sector unions have turned that arrangement upside-down.

"We have weak bargainers on the side of the government employer, and the unions get away with murder," Levitt argues.

His accusation is that politicians do not have the political will to go after the status quo.

The right to a day of rest on Easter Monday is enshrined in the collective agreements of many public sector unions.

Schools, Municipal buildings, libraries, and post offices are closed today.

However, LCBO's are open for business.