Three TTC heroes honoured at City Hall

The three men credited with saving the life of a visually impaired man who accidentally fell onto TTC subway tracks were honoured at City Hall today.

Kyle Busquine, Jehangir Faisal, and Julio Cabrera shook hands with Mayor John Tory and were presented with Presto cards worth one-year of free transit.

They say they haven't seen each other since pulling the injured man off the tracks. In fact, Faisal was a mystery to everyone. "I do realize that everybody was looking for me. My neighbour called me and told me I was meeting the mayor today so I just came in and met the guys, as well, here for the first time since the incident." Faisal had only arrived in Toronto from Dublin a few days before the incident. 

It's still surreal for all of them and they feel uncomfortable with the term "hero."

The trio haven't spoken with the man they saved. They don't even know his name and hope someone can put them in contact so they can't make sure he's doing OK.

Busquine hopes people walk away feeling inspired after hearing this story. "I think with all the bad attention that's been on the media regarding gun violence and immigration laws that have been happening that it's really nice to be part of a good story that connects with people. I just think that if everyone takes time out of their day to help one another it would just make the World a better place."

"We've been told that we're giving hope to people that there's people who are good out there. It's just great to get that feedback off people," Faisal says.

Cabrera says if you look closely, there's kindness everywhere. "I see things like this all the time. They're not in a big scale but you see kindness in every day life. I don't know. I didn't really see this as a big deal.

The trio are hoping to go to Toronto Island together this Summer.