Three years since tragedy struck, the man responsible could soon get day parole

Thursday marks the three year anniversary of one of Canada's most high profile drunk driving cases.

It's been three years since Marco Muzzo got behind the wheel of his SUV in Vaughan, drove twice the speed limit, ran a stop sign and crashed into a minivan.

That crash devastated the Neville-Lake family, killing three children and their grandfather.

Muzzo would be sentenced to ten years in prison, but just over a month from now, he'll be eligible for day parole.

As of November 9th, Muzzo could be granted the freedom to leave prison during the day and return at night.

NEWSTALK 1010 Chief Legal Analyst, Ed Prutschi says it's a good bet that his conditions for day parole would include a ban on driving and alcohol.

Muzzo has already been granted the freedom to leave prison for the day, for specific outings such as a medical appointments. 

On day parole, Prutschi says, "that becomes the norm."

"Everyday will be a similar schedule; released at whatever time in the morning and back in the institution no later than 'x' time in the afternoon or evening," Prutschi explains.

If that goes well, Muzzo could be eligible for full parole on November 9th, 2019.