Toronto City Councillor wants College Street Bar liquor, music licenses revoked

There is a plan in place to strike at College Street Bar following serious allegations against its owner and an employee.

Owner, Gavin MacMillan, is charged with four counts of gang sexual assault, forcible confinement, trafficking, and failing to comply with recognizance.

Employee, Enzo De Jesus Carrasco, is charged with four charges of gang sex assault, forcible confinement, trafficking, and three counts of sexual assault.

A 24-year-old woman went to police in mid-December alleging she was attacked inside the establishment and given drugs.

Toronto City Councillor Mike Layton and co-founder of the Sexual Assault Action Coalition, Viktoria Belle, met today at City Hall to discuss options on how to best move forward.

Should the city intervene and revoke the liquor and music licences of the College Street Bar?

"He is going to set motions in order to ensure College Street Bar is held accountable to the public. What that is going to look like is we're going to work closely to ensure their liquor licence is taken away and their music licence is taken away. If we can't shut down the bar permanently, tomorrow, we're going to ensure they can't serve patrons," explains Belle.

Belle says she understands and respects equitable approaches and the justice system but patrons need to be protected, too. "Their business is remaining open, patrons are giving money, that money goes into the pockets of these men that are going to be using it to fight the charges that have been laid against them. That is not something the City wants."

A protest is also planned for Friday night at 8 p.m. outside the bar.