Toronto ECE says she's being bullied by school colleague

Emily Wright was feeling good about herself as she left work last Wednesday, having organized her first assembly for Pink Shirt Day, an anti-bullying initiative.

When the early childhood educator returned to Orde Street Junior Public School near University Ave and College St the following morning, she found a nasty note tucked among her things.

Wright tells NEWSTALK 1010's Moore in the Morning the note came from someone attempting to make her feel "small and worthless".

"It's someone going out of their way to emphasis the things that I believe I do in the world that are positive and really make a twist on them...and make me question whether they really are that positive."

It was not the first time Wright, who considers herself to be an advocate for mental health and bullying issues, had been on the receiving end of a menacing typed message at school. Wright says seven times over the last year or so notes have left in her mailbox in the school office or in her classroom.

She claims the abuse started not long after she started bringing a service dog to school. Wright counts on the dog for help with anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and detecting low blood sugar.

One of notes Wright received suggested her service dog could be poisoned.

Wright is convinced this is the work of an adult at the school and she wants them fired.

"I think the person, whether they're a teacher, whether they're in my bargaining unit as support staff at the school doesn't matter, the person needs to be held accountable and shouldn't be working with young children."

The Toronto District School Board is investigating the notes.

Wright sees her story as a reminder of the importance of practicing kindness and not judging others