Toronto gets public transit funding boost

The federal government is set to spend just over $11.8 billion on new transit and environmentally friendly projects in Ontario over the next decade, with Canada's biggest city receiving the majority of funding.

The provincial government will kick in a further $10 billion over the same time period.

The federal and provincial Liberals are unveiling the details today about how the country's most populous province will spend the money between now and 2028, and how much the provincial government will have to kick in.

Further details will be unveiled in the coming days when the agreement itself becomes public.

The majority of the spending announced today in Mississauga will go to projects that the province will have to identify for funding. About $2.1 billion of the money is previously pledged federal funding to build light rail in Ottawa, flooding protection in Toronto's Port Lands and help for the Scarborough subway extension.

Overall, Toronto is receiving almost $4.9 billion in transit funding under the federal-provincial deal.