Toronto Hydro prepares for final blast of winter weather

It was way back on Tuesday, when Environment Canada warned of a possible storm headed into the GTA.

Forecasters went as far as to say there was the possibility of significant freezing rain, for parts of southern Ontario.

Much of the worst of it, is expected to track north of the GTA.

But with this much lead-up time, surely Toronto Hydro is taking precautions so you're not sitting in the dark, playing cards on the weekend.

"We're preparing for the weekend by putting our crews on standby right now, we've already put the call out." says Tori Gass, a spokesperson for Toronto Hydro.

She says they have continued the patrols of lines, looking for leaning trees that threaten the power grid, but that's not out of the ordinary.

And Gass says they are also looking for storm drains that may be plugged, to ensure there's no flooding which could also affect the system.

But she says they are keeping an eye on the forecast, with the hope that this will come down as simply rain.

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