Toronto man facing six counts of sexual assault

A 21-year-old man from Toronto is facing six charges, after allegedly sexually assaulting women while on public transit.

The first alleged incident was reported on Friday, when a woman, waiting at Jane Station was reportedly grabbed around the waist ufrom behind and she says she was sexully assaulted.

The next day, was when a woman claims she was sexually assaulted while on a TTC bus on Jane Steet. Later that same day, four women were on a subway between Wilson Station and Glencairn, when a man approached them and allegedly sexually assaulted them.

Biko Miguana was later arrested at Glencairn station, when police were alerted of a sexual assault call.

He's been charged with six counts of sexual assault.

Police have released his photo, and ask if you have any further information, to please reach out to officers.