Toronto man, who has lived in Canada for 13 years, being forced back to India

A Toronto man is in the fight of his life, with less than a week before he's forced out of the country and back to India.

Guarav Sharma came to Canada 13 years ago and completed his business marketing degree at Humber College.

Since then he's been working, paying his taxes, has never applied for EI, has never been to the hospital, is in good health, and has never been in trouble with the law.

Sharma's sister also lives in Toronto as a permanent resident. He was about to apply for his PR when the Stephen Harper administration changed the ruled near the end of its term.

He says it amended the immigration rules by making the express entry system. It was suppose to make the process simpler and faster. But what it actually did was pooled all immigration applicants in the same group. For example people applying from inside Canada (students with education and work experience) with applicants from applying from outside Canada. Before it use to be separate.

This has left students who got their education in Canada shorthanded because their schooling and work experience now doesn't count towards their PR application.

The system, which is based on points, is telling him he has 415 but isn't reading one-year of work experience and no one will tell him why. He needs 450 points.

The 32-year-old is concerned that if and when he is forced back to India, his business marketing degree won't be recognized and he will have to start his life from scratch with no education.

He's been frantically trying to get the ear of the federal immigration officer, with no luck.

Sharma wants for his work permit to be extended for two years so he can continue working, collecting points, to go towards his PR.

NDP Immigration Critic, Jenny Kwan, is now on the case trying to arrange an emergency meeting and see if anything can be done to keep Sharma in Toronto