Toronto MPP fielding complaints from parents after daycare closes with little notice


It's hard enough finding a daycare space in the city of Toronto, but imagine having a weekend to find a new spot for your child.

That's the problem up to 200 parents were facing when their North York daycare shut down late last week, with little more than 24 hours notice.

Parents of children at the Willowbrae Childcare Academy in North York, say they were given notice on Thursday, that the daycare would be closing "indefinitely" on August 9th.

Liberal MPP for the area, Michael Coteau says he's been contacted by about 10 parents, with complaints about the situation.

He says the problem is that the landlord of the building where the daycare is located, is going to start repairs to the building, including the roof. That means the daycare would lose the use of the outdoor space for the children.

A loss of outdoor space, means a contravention of the Child Care and Early Years Act, where it states that childcare centres that keep children for more than six hours, need to have an outdoor play area.

But the bigger issue for Coteau, is the lack of a heads up.

"If they did know that this was coming eventually, why wasn't that communicated to the parents, and why wasn't a transition plan put in place?" says the MPP.

He says it may be an issue that he'll bring up when Queen's Park resumes sitting in the fall.

"I think moving forward we need to revisit this, as MPP's, as lawmakers, that this type of situation doesn't happen again."

He says right now, there is no requirement for the daycare to inform parents.