Toronto police chief agrees to withdraw Pride Parade application

Toronto police chief Mark Saunders has agreed to not have his officers participate in this year's Pride Parade.

Several LGBTQ community groups asked him to withdraw his application to march in the event, citing the investigation into alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur.

The groups say having officers march in this year's parade would not mend their relationship with police.

Saunders writes in a statement that he hopes his withdrawal will be "received as a concrete example of the fact that I am listening closely to the community's concerns."

He says he is committed to "building a better, stronger relationship."

Last year, officers were only allowed to march in the parade not in uniform.

"I strongly believe that we shoudl be workign toward a time when this issue is no longer a point of controversy," Saunders writes. "The Toronto Police Service will work hard over the course of the  next year toward that end and, ideally, the 2019 Pride Parade will offer an opportunity to demonstrate that progression."