Toronto Police launch internal investigation over leak involving accused Blue Jays pitcher

Internal police investigators are looking into the leak of images that show a Blue Jays pitcher confined to a holding cell.

23-year old Roberto Osuna is seen dressed all in black, sitting on a concrete slab as he waits for his charges to be processed at a downtown police station.

Osuna was arrested in the early hours of Tuesday and charged with assault.

Authorities say the allegation is related to a 'domestic' dispute and unconfirmed reports suggest the all-star closer is alleged to have assaulted his girlfriend.

The charges have not been proven in court.

In cases like these, police typically release few details in an effort to protect the identities of the alleged victims.

On Wednesday, Global News released leaked images of Osuna leaning against the corner of a tiny cinder block cell at the 14 Division police station.

Toronto Police officials say the Service's Professional Standards branch will find out who leaked the footage, and how.

Osuna is on a week-long paid leave from the Blue Jays as Major League Baseball officials perform their own investigation.

It isn't clear when the League might make a decision regarding possible disciplinary action against Osuna.

Osuna is the eighth Major League player over the last 3 years to be investigated under the League's domestic abuse policy.

The Blue Jays say they're co-operating with the police and League investigations.