Toronto Police lay three new charges against Mike Bullard

Mike Bullard is facing more charges.

The comedian and former show host on Newstalk 1010 was in a Toronto court Thursday answering to three new charges laid by Toronto Police on Wednesday.

The charges include 2 counts of fail to comply with a recognizance and 1 count of attempt to obstruct justice. 

The charges against the 60 year old Bullard stem from a fail to comply charge that dates back more than a year as well as an obstruction of justice charge related to an alleged incident back in January of this year.

Bullard's legal troubles began in 2016 when he was charged with criminal harrasment in relation to contact with his ex-girlfriend Cynthia Mulligan, a reporter for City News.     

Bullard was released on $10,000 bail Thursday.  Part of the condition of bail is that Bullard must stay with his half-brother, Chuck Jackson and wife at their Brantford home.

Calvin Barry, Bullard's defence lawyer told the Toronto Star the bail conditions for his client are fairly flexible.   

"He can go anywhere, anytime, but he has to stay in Canada."

A decision whether or not to have Bullard stand trial on some of the charges will happen on June 1st, when he has been ordered to return to court. And will then return to court on June 20th to face other charges. 

Bullard was also ordered not to have any contact with Mulligan.

with files from the Toronto Star