Toronto police officers help woman deliver baby in back seat of taxi

Two Toronto police officers are being credited with helping a mother safely deliver a baby boy in the back seat of a cab.

Paramedics called police around 1:20 a.m. after a woman went into labour in the back seat of a taxi near Dundas Street and Coxwell Avenue early Saturday morning.

Staff Sgt. Jeff Wood told CTV News Toronto it happened right outside of the 55 Divison police station, which is at Dundas Street East and Coxwell Avenue.

“As soon as we heard it come across the radio the officers came right out and dealt with the situation so it was a great spot to pull over,” he said.

Const. Caroline De Kloet said Staff Sgt. Kim O’Toole and Const. Colin McLaughlin, from 55 Division spotted the cab and found the woman in the back.

One of the officers "coached the mother" and provided instructions while the other held the baby.

Paramedics arrived immediately after the birth and took mother and baby to hospital.

Staff Sgt. Wood said “I think it’s great to have something different and that’s one great thing about policing is you really don’t know what’s going to happen every night, this is something that wouldn’t happen very often to an officer but it’s a great thing to experience.”

Const. De Kloet says mother and baby boy are doing well.

With files from CTV