Toronto Police tracking components used to suspend car from Leaside Bridge

Toronto Police are in the process of tracking where components used to suspend a hollowed-out car from the Leaside Bridge were to sold and to whom.

Police have received several tips since the car was first spotted at daybreak Wednesday. Toronto's film office says no permits had been granted to shoot at that location. While there has been widespread speculation this may have been engineering students getting their kicks, engineering programs at the University of Toronto, Ryerson and York University say they have no knowledge of their students being involved.

"This prank took a lot of effort and a lot of skill and engineering and due to that we've narrowed our suspect pool down," Det. Robert Whalen told NEWSTALK 1010 Thursday.

While Whalen would not get more specific about the suspect pool he says the engineering student theory is a consideration.

The dark blue Honda Civic did have a vehicle identification number (VIN). Police have determined where the car came from and who it belonged to but are not prepared to share that information.

While the whodunit has confounded Toronto so far, Whalen is "quite confident" police will be able to find whoever is responsible.