Toronto Raptors fans line up for Jurassic Park three days before Game 5

TORONTO - Die-hard Toronto Raptors fans are lining up days in advance for a spot in the outdoor fanzone known as Jurassic Park for Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday night.

33-year-old Angie Taylor and 31-year-old Tyler Seaton of Cambridge, Ontario, say they were lined up Friday afternoon for Game 4, but got back right back in line for Game 5 after the final buzzer sounded.

With nearly three full days off between games, the two friends packed a tent along with groceries, a miniature portable grill and dry shampoo to get them through.

Speaking to our sister station CP24, Tyler says they came prepared.

"I got a cooler here. I've got bacon, eggs, steak, got some dry soap, dry shampoo, got the bathroom facility provided there that we're thankful to be able to use and we're just roughing it."


Taylor says they're prepared for rain or shine, and they've been taking shifts between sleeping and watching their belongings.

Seaton says they decided to drive to Toronto because it's a "one-time opportunity'' to see the Raptors make history.


Next in line are a father and son: 22 year-old Zac Tiessen and 55 year-old Doug Tiessen from Stoney Creek, Ontario, who arrived this morning. They say camping out at Jurassic Park is their version of father-son bonding.

The Toronto Raptors could claim their first NBA title on Monday against the defending-champion Golden State Warriors.

With files from Heather Seaman