Toronto's police chief says arrests alone won't stop gun violence

Mark Saunders Shooting Update

Toronto's police chief says street gangs are to blame for the vast majority of shootings that have taken place in the city over recent days.

Mark Saunders says that doesn't mean innocent people weren't affected, and says police are going to be placing a stronger focus on dealing with gangs.

But he says the issue requires a multi-faceted approach to ensure people don't take up guns in the first place and those charged with firearms offences don't get involved in shootings again once they leave jail.

Police have said 17 people were injured in 14 separate shootings across Toronto over the August long weekend, including five hurt in a shooting at a crowded nightclub.

Saunders says multiple arrests have been made in those incidents.

Police had recorded 244 shootings with 365 victims as of Sunday night. That compares to 238 shootings with 324 victims at the same time last year.