Toronto Tourism trying to build on the Raptors frenzy

The ratings show that almost 16 million people in Canada watched all, or part of Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

If that was just in Canada, you can imagine how many people were seeing Toronto from around the world.

But it wasn't all about basketball. People were talking about the energy, and the vibe of the city.

And to Tourism Toronto, you can't buy advertising like that.

"We've probably never had a moment like this as a city before, with this much attention on the city and the BEST of the city on full display for the world," says Andrew Weir from Tourism Toronto.

We're not just talking about the US turning their microscopes on us, either. It's more like the world.

"The NBA, because it's such a pop-culture phenomenon, this is viewed globally. So key markets like China, Brazil and Mexico that are real tourism growth markets."

The final numbers of how much of a Raptors boost Toronto saw, aren't yet in, but Weir says he's optimistic.

"The first games of the finals, we saw an increase of 7% in hotel occupancy across the city."

And that comes at a time and in a month that is already typically busy in the city of Toronto.

Weir says even the parade and the massive crowds that gathered to cheer on the champs, was a good thing.

"That shows that kind of energy and vibrancy that people travel for, they want to be a part of something like that."