Tropical depression Gordon to make its way into Southern Ontario

There's a shift in the air Saturday, with Toronto experiencing temperatures the city hasn't hit since early June. But it's what will follow this cool air that has Environment Canada out with a special weather statement. 

"We're looking at getting the remnants of what was hurricane Gordon - now is sort of the remnants of tropical depression Gordon - but still has quite a bit of moisture with it, so as that storm approaches Southern Ontario, we're going to get significant rainfall," senior meteorologist Ria Alsen told NEWSTALK1010. 

The tropical depression is expected to hover over the province until Tuesday morning, resulting in a possibility of up to 60 millimetres of rain in the GTA by the time it moves out of the area. 

The Golden Horseshoe will begin feeling the impact on Sunday evening, with rain heavy at times.

The biggest impact will be felt just north of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, and along the St. Lawrence River valley.

Other areas could see as little as 30 millimetres of total rainfall.

To put things in perspective, Toronto saw close to 70 millimetres of rain in one evening on August 7. 

"It will be spread out over about a 24-hour period, which is good news for mitigating flooding issues, and we've been fairly dry for the last little while too so that bodes well," Alsen said. 

However, the weather system is something for officials to keep their eye on, as it could result in significant flooding once again. 

"If you know your basement floods, maybe remove any valuables you can remove," Alsen says. "Some properties are just susceptible to that kind of flooding depending on where you live. But it will also be windy, so you'll want to tie down any loose objects. 

She also suggests clearing off debris from sewer grates in front of your home so water can flow freely.