Trudeau defends Khadr settlement, Harper apologizes for it

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he shares the concerns of Canadians who object to reports of the government's multi-million dollar settlement with Omar Khadr.
But Trudeau says if the government hadn't settled with the former Guantanamo Bay inmate, it would have cost as much as 40-million dollars to put an end to the case.
Khadr had filed a 20-million dollar lawsuit against the government for violating his Charter rights, and has received an out-of-court settlement reportedly worth 10.5-million.
Trudeau says the payout was the ``responsible path to take.''
The payout, however, has angered many Canadians, including veterans groups, and has exposed the Liberals to scathing political attacks from the opposition Conservatives.
Former prime minister Stephen Harper issued a statement last week condemning the settlement as ``simply wrong'' and now is reported to have contacted both Morris and Speer's widow to express his outrage.
The Toronto Sun says Harper called Morris at his Utah home on Wednesday and apologized for the settlement in a six-minute conversation.
The Sun says it is believed Harper made a similar call to Tabitha Speer, but added that has not been confirmed.