Trudeau meets with Fredericton victims' families, doesn't march in Pride

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave up plans to march in a pride parade in favour of meeting with the families of people who were gunned down in a quiet Fredericton, New Brunswick neighbourhood.

Trudeau told reporters it was an honour to meet with the families -- including those of two police officers.

"Obviously this is a moment to remember the two brave officers who fell in the line of duty, and the other two victims, and all of their families and the communities that are pulling together," Trudeau said. "Reflecting on this loss but remembering that resilience comes with leaning on each other and being there for eachother."

But when asked about if or how his government plans to change gun legislation in response to the shooting, Trudeau answered "now's not the time to be talking about that."

The shootings killed Bobbie Lee Wright, Donnie Robichaud, and Constables Robb Costello and Sara Burns.

They were answering a call, and found two bodies on the ground before they too were shot dead.

The alleged gunman, 48-year-old Matthew Raymond, was wounded by police fire, but will survive.

He's charged with four counts of first-degree murder.

- With a file from Jackie Rosen/NEWSTALK1010