TTC considering cameras to catch drivers who pass open streetcar doors

The TTC is looking into cameras to catch drivers who drive past open streetcar doors.

Councillor Mike Layton took to Twitter Tuesday morning to ask about cameras after he says he spotted an incident on the Dundas streetcar.


"I think anyone who takes the streetcar across the city knows that when you're getting on and getting off you're being put at risk," Layton says.

The TTC's Brad Ross says it's something the TTC board has already asked them to look into. "Anything we can do to improve the safety of our customers and those who use the TTC, is something that, of course, we want to do," he says.

Driving past open streetcar doors is against the law and carries a fine of $110 dollars and three demerit points.

Ross says they're looking into the technology needed to capture the license plates of offenders. 

Much like red light cameras, there may be legislative changes required at the provincial level. Staff are looking into that as well.

Ross says a report is expected this year.