TTC newest campaign features your tweets

The TTC launches a new campaign Monday hoping to get customers to consider their actions when riding the rocket.

The "You Said It" campaign features posters and signage of customer complaints through Twitter.  They hope it will be a jumping off point to talk to riders about TTC etiquette.

The TTC gets between 200 and 400 tweets a day of complaints.  Some common ones: feet on seats, backpacks and noisy iPods.

TTC customer service department head Sue Motahedin tells CP24 "We are looking for people to understand that the change in their behaviour can not only have an impact on people's experience riding the TTC and making it a more enjoyable place for everybody, but also to connect with a reality that some of those behaviours can cause significant delays on the TTC."

The "You Said It" campaign kicks off Monday on all vehicles and at all stations.