TTC to take second look at parking streetcars on Adelaide during pilot project

The TTC says it's going to take a closer look at their practice of parking streetcars on standby on Adelaide St, which is a main alternate route for drivers during the King St pilot project.

The TTC vehicles pause on Adelaide St near Church St for a "short period of time," waiting for a gap in service on either the King or Queen streetcar lines, according to TTC spokesperson Brad Ross. He says the vehicles on standby are necessary to keep service flowing when the lines are affected by accidents or disabled streetcars.

A NEWSTALK 1010 listener complained that there were streetcars blocking a lane of traffic on Adelaide for up to an hour on Monday, the first weekday of the King St pilot project.

"An hour sounds like a long period of time, but it's possible if we were running service really well and we didn't need it for an hour, that's a positive for the service," Ross says.

For the next year, cars on King St cannot travel straight through the intersections between Bathurst and Jarvis Sts, with priority given to the busy streetcar route.

Adelaide is one of the main alternate routes for drivers who are now forced off of King St.

"We're going to look at Victoria St as an alternate where we can to holding those cars," Ross says. "The only problem with Victoria is it's a narrower street... sometimes that's not going to be possible."