Two border guards charged with bringing drugs into Pearson

Two border security officers are among five people charged with allegedly importing drugs into Canada through Pearson Airport.

The joint investigtaion by the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency looked into the operation which allegedly brought drugs in from Columbia and Jamaica.

It's believed the operation managed to smuggle 30 kilograms of cocaine into Canada, using Pearson as the entry point.

According to the CBSA, the border guards worked in the commerical operations of the airport and one is from Barrie, the other from Toronto.

The three others charged all face various drug charges, and two are from Brampton, with the third from Niagara Falls.

"Serious and Organized Crime in Canada is a multi-faceted and borderless problem impacting all Canadians, directly or indirectly", said Inspector Donna STREETER, Officer in Charge - Toronto North Serious and Organized Crime Team. "Through a variety of specialized programs and teams, the RCMP combats serious and organized crime by implementing intelligence-led police operations with the collaboration of domestic and international partners."

"The results of this investigation is an example of the partnership between our two enforcement agencies with the shared mandate of public safety.

All allegations of improper or illegal behaviour by CBSA employees are taken very seriously and we continue to fully cooperate with the RCMP, who is leading the investigation. These allegations in no way reflect upon the true professionalism, dedication and integrity displayed each and every day by our CBSA staff." says Goran Vragovic, CBSA Regional Director General, Greater Toronto Area Region.

All five of the people charged will be in court on Thursday in Brampton.