Unconscious woman allegedly sexually assaulted outside of Kennedy station

Toronto Police are appealing to witnesses to come forward after an unconscious woman was sexually assaulted outside of Kennedy subway station, Saturday afternoon. 

At about 5:30 p.m., investigators say the 40-year-old woman was on the ground outside of the station entrance, when a man believed to be about 60 years old approached her. 

That's when it's alleged the man sexually assaulted her, all while a significant number of people entering and exiting the station walked by. 

"We don't get [cases like this] very often at all, actually. It's a very unique situation that occurred," police spokesperson Gary Long told NEWSTALK1010. 

A witness attempted to stop what was happening by yelling at the suspect. Shortly after that, the suspect casually walked away. 

It's believed it was that witness who informed police of what happened. 

"[The woman] was taken to hospital and treated and made sure she was okay," Long said, adding that it's believed the suspect and victim did not know each other. 

The suspect is described as white with a pale complexion, about 6'2" with a large build and short white hair. 

He was last seen wearing a black t-shirt tucked into black casual pants, a brown leather belt, black socks, black casual shoes with worn soles, and a beige and white fedora. 

Meantime, Long is appealing to the public for more information.

"We know that there were numerous members of the public who witnessed this incident, and we strongly urge them to contact investigators," he said.