Union: Budget doesn't do enough for special needs students

Premier Kathleen Wynne says her government is still working on solutions to reducing violence in classrooms, after the latest budget failed to directly address the issue.

While the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario applauds the Liberal government for increasing funding for education in the latest budget, the group says there is still not enough being done for special needs students.

In January, ETFO called for immediate action, saying there has been a "critical" lack of support for children with behavioural issues.

The union called for increased support for students and more staffing at schools.

When asked about the issue Friday, premier Wynne said the budget does address staffing in full-day kindergarten. It was already announced earlier this year that the government is placing a cap on class sizes.

Wynne said that her government continues to hold discussions with the teachers' unions to look for long-term solutions on training and supports.