UPDATE: 2 people dead in Finland mass stabbing, police open fire on suspect

Police in Finland say 2 people are dead after a mass stabbing in the western city of Turku.

The STT agency cited the hospital where the victim died.

Finland's top police chief Seppo Kolehmainen said it was too early to link the events in Turku to international terrorism, according to the YLE broadcaster.

Kolehmainen said it was ``nothing is known about the motives ... or what precisely has happened in Turku.''

Police earlier said officers shot a man in the leg and detained him after the stabbings and that they are looking for more potential suspects.

Finnish authorities are ramping up security at airports and train stations in the wake of the incident.

They're telling people to stay away from the city centre, especially Puutori Market Square, where the attack happened.

Images from the square show a tarp covering a body that is lying on the ground.

It isn't clear how many other might be hurt.

(with files from Associated Press)