UPDATE: Amazon says no frontrunners in search for HQ2 host

We know Toronto is among the final 20 cities, still in the running to be the host city of Amazon's new mega complex.

The building, dubbed HQ2, is expected to host 50 thousand jobs, and would be a $5 billion investment from the company.

Toronto is the final Canadian city on the list and we're learning that Amazon may be eyeing a move north.

"I'm just hearing that Toronto is definitely in the running, and definitely in the lead," says Toronto city councillor Michelle Holland.

When asked where she's getting that information, she left it pretty vague, admittedly.

"This is what I'm hearing through the ecosystem, so that's the word that I'm hearing back from the people that have been involved with it." says Holland.

She was speaking with Amanda Lang on the Evan Solomon Show on NEWSTALK1010 on Friday.

But even she admitted it would be a long shot that Toronto would actually land the mega-complex, and it would likely go to Austin, Texas instead.

"Because of Trump, because of border issues and it being an American company, it's so unlikely that Amazon would actually choose Toronto in the very end."  

After the interview, the councillor took a step back on Twitter: 

Amazon reached out to NEWSTALK1010 quashing the rumours, with a spokesperson saying in a statement, “There are no frontrunners at this point among the 20 cities we announced in January.”

In January, Amazon revealed the list of 20 cities still in the running to host what's being called the second headquarters for the company, out of 238 original entrants.

Toronto is on the shortlist, along with metropolitan US cities like New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta.