UPDATE: Child at Roncesvalles daycare hurt by falling ceiling plaster

Some scary moments for parents with a child at the Ola Daycare in Roncesvalles, after staffers called to let them know there had been an incident Monday afternoon.

A child had to be taken to hospital with minor injuries when a section of the ceiling gave way and came crashing down.

Officials got calls for help around 1:30pm.

Initial reports from Toronto Police said as many as three children were hurt, but later it was confirmed that it was only the one child hit by falling plaster.

A total of 21 children and nine staff members were evacuated from the building, but shortly after 5 p.m., Toronto Fire confirmed the building was safe. 

"We had a private structural engineer arrive [and they] determined that the building is actually structurally sound," Toronto Fire Captain Adrian Ratushniak told reporters. "[They] went through the main floor where the ceiling had dropped from, as well as the upper floors."

"We can hapilly announce that the tenants can go back into the building and there should be no cause for alarm."

Ratushniak said the two-storey building has at least one apartment on its upper floor. 

Business at the daycare was suspended for the day Monday and parents were called to pick up their children.

NEWSTALK1010 has asked Ola Daycare if it will be open on Tuesday and is waiting to hear back.