UPDATE: Downtown Toronto shooting leaves one man dead

A man is dead after about a dozen shots rang out in broad daylight across from a condo building and college.

Police say they think there was a gunfight on George St, near Adelaide and Jarvis, just before 3 pm.

A man who has yet to be identified was found dead on the sidewalk. Police also recovered two guns, one of which was lying next to the victim.

Det. Steve Ryan says it's possible the victim was carrying a gun because he knew someone could come after him.

Witnesses tell police that possibly two suspects took off in a blue mid-sized car.

There is a condo next to the sidewalk where the man was killed, and George Brown College across the street.

Those who were home or walking by at the time say they heard 10-15 shots and then people started running in every direction.

"It's sickening," Noah says. "There's a dead man 20m from us and it's the middle of the day."

"I was scared I would get caught in the crossfire," student Kassandra says.

Adelaide and George St victim has been pronounced homicide investigators are taking over the investigation #186988 ^cb

— Toronto Police OPS (@TPSOperations) January 30, 2017