UPDATE: EXCLUSIVE: No extra first aid training for area schools

It was earlier this week, that NEWSTALK1010 was tipped off by a listener who was concerned that lunchroom monitors at schools in Peel Region weren't trained in first aid.

The province, through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board only mandates that one employee of a school must be trained to potentially save a live.

And the WSIB suggested, it's up to the school boards to determine whether or not they feel like more people should be trained.

But it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

"We've discovered that the likelyhood of these occurrences happening is very rare, and we balance that with the time and training that's required. At this time, we don't see a need." says Peel District School Board spokesperson Carla Periera.

She says they are already above the provincial standard at their schools, with two or more people trained in first aid.

The same goes for the Toronto District School Board who responded to our requests, with a statement:

The TDSB goes above provincial requirements and requires at least 2 staff members per school to be trained in first aid. In addition, Physical Education teachers, Early Childhood Educators and Aquatics staff have first aid training. Staff can also be trained to deal with Anaphylaxis and other medications. First Aid training sessions are also offered to employees on an ongoing basis.

Pereira says the big cost is finding the time.

"Standard training takes two full days and so if we're to train all of our 20 thousand staff members, over two days each, we're looking at 40 thousand days of training."

While she admits, they might be able to find some time during PD days to train teachers and staff, they would have to replace something something that is already being taught during those days. And Pereira says much of that is mandated by the ministry of education.