UPDATE: Extreme cold weather alert ended for Toronto

The first weekend of March has been is a cold one.

Toronto's medical officer of health issued an extreme cold weather alert Friday morning, as the temperature hovered around – 6 C but felt closer to -12 with the wind chill.

It was cancelled Sunday morning as Environment Canada forecasted a high of -1.

The city issues extreme cold weather alerts when the temperature is expected to reach -15 C or colder, or when the wind chill is forecast to reach -20 or colder.

The alert triggers extra shelter spaces for the homeless and other cold-weather related services.

People at risk include those with pre-existing heart conditions or chronic respiratory illness, infants and young children, people on certain medications, people who work or do physical activities outside for extended periods, and those who are marginally housed or homeless.

The last extreme cold weather alert that was issued for the city was Feb. 9.

Since December 2016, there have been 11 extreme cold weather alerts, according to the city of Toronto website.

From 2015-2016 there were 12 extreme cold weather alerts and the winter of 2014-2015 was much worse with 39 issued.

The month of February had the most.

Environment Canada is forecasting a high of 10 degrees for Monday.