UPDATE: Freezing rain makes for a slick walk in the GTA

Freezing rain didn't create havoc in the morning commute as first thought. Instead, it waited to hit Toronto until the drive home.

As expected a layer of ice started covering signs and vehciles in the early afternoon, and lasted through the day.

The roads weren't a huge problem, with crews out laying salt in the hours leading up to the storm.

"The number of collisions is only up marginally, actually, it's not a catastrophic event." says Sgt Kerry Schmidt with the OPP.

The bigger problems comes on sidewalks with nearly half the 9-1-1 calls to Peel Region Paramedics, for slips and falls.

In Toronto, Paramedics handled 27 calls in a span of just an hour and a half at one point.

The good news, the freezing rain is still expected to change to rain in the early evening in Toronto, but outside of the GTA, that changeover could be later, like 9 or 10pm.

Geoff Coulson says it will chang e to rain, as the temperature rises to plus-five degrees.

"But the temperature will drop again, to around the freezing mark as we get closer to morning on Wednesday."