UPDATE:Las Vegas Massacre shooter acted alone

    Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo says the shooter at a Las Vegas concert who killed 58 people fired at fuel tanks near the Mandalay Bay Hotel from which he was shooting.
    Lombardo also says Stephen Paddock had personal protection equipment in his room.
    Lombardo says he think Paddock shot at the tanks to create a diversion.
    Mandalay Bay hotel-casino security guard Jesus Campos told investigators that Paddock was drilling to an adjacent wall when he walked up to Paddock's room.
    Lombardo says Paddock shot at Campos before he fired into the crowd of 22,000 concertgoers at the country music concert.
    Lombardo says that investigators still have not pinpointed the shooter's motive behind his decision to fire on a concert crowd in Las Vegas on Oct. 1 and kill 58 people.
    Lombardo said at a news conference that there's no evidence Stephen Craig Paddock was motivated by ideology and there's no evidence there was another shooter.
    Lombardo says it's clear Paddock was determined to shoot at the crowd.
    The sheriff says investigators are talking to Paddock's brother Eric and Marilou Danley, his girlfriend, to get insight into Paddock.
    The body of a 28-year-old military veteran from California and Colorado who was killed in the worst mass shooting in modern American history is on its way home from Las Vegas.
    A white hearse led by a procession of motorcycles bore the casket of Christopher Roybal to McCarran International Airport for a short flight to Southern California.

    His friend and employer, David Harman, told The Associated Press that Roybal served in Afghanistan and adopted a friend's bomb-sniffing dog after the friend was killed by an improvised explosive device.

    Roybal worked at fitness gyms in Corona and Riverside, California, before moving this year to help open gyms in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    A co-worker described him as full of energy and the kind of person who had the ability to make people want to hang around him.