UPDATE: Man charged in high risk takedown

Provincial Police have now charged the man taken into custody because of what he was wearing and what was written on his mini-van on Wednesday morning.

Officers fielded calls at around 10, complaining of a man wearing a balaclava while behind the wheel on the QEW near Appleby Line.

But it's what was written on the back of the vehicle that really drew attention.

The work "KILL" was painted on the window in large, white letters.

He was originally arrested and taken in for a mental health assessment.

He's now been charged.

Police have identified him as 47-year-old Nicola Petrovic from St. Catharines, and say he's been charged with dangerous driving, mischief and using a disguise with intent to commit an indictable offence.

He was released from hospital on Wednesday night.

OPP Sgt Kerry Schmidt wouldn't elaborate on the type of crime they believed he was intent on committing, saying that's evidence before the courts.

OPP/Kerry Schmidt