UPDATE: New King streetcar routing aimed at providing more efficient service

Riders who regularly use the 504 King or 514 Cherry streetcar will have to get used to new routing in place as of Sunday morning. 

The TTC has scrapped the 514 Cherry car, and instead has divided the King route into the 504 A and 504 B. 

The 504 A will take riders from Dundas West subway station in the west end, to the Distillery loop on Cherry Street in the east, with major stops that include Roncesvalles, King and Cherry streets. 

The 504 B runs from Dufferin Gate at its west-most point to Broadview subway station at its east end, with stops at Broadview, King and Dufferin streets.

Officials say the new routing will provide better service and fewer turns. At the current time, they say the platforms outside Dundas West and Broadview stations can only fit one of the new streetcars at a time, while multiple can access the Dufferin Gate and Distillery loops at the same time. 

"We are doing some work at Dundas and Broadview," TTC spokesperson Stuart Green told NEWSTALK1010. "We'll be looking at how we can improve and expand the platform areas there to accommodate more than one low-floor streetcar."

The TTC also says fewer short turn streetcars will need to be put into service as they anticipate that delays at the end of either line will be less likely to impact service throughout the entire route. 

Furthermore, Green says the 514 Cherry was simply confusing to a lot of riders.

"We theorized, [this route] which ran predominantly along King Street, wasn't being used by people who were travelling solely within the King area," he explained. "That route seemed to be underused compared to the 504 when it came to the core of King Street."

"Our theory there is that the people didn't know that the 514 was a King Street car."

According to the TTC, approximately 80,000 passengers use the King route on a daily basis. The new routes are predicted to average 108 minutes for the 504 A and 98 minutes for the 504 B, down from 122 minutes on the former 504. 

Other changes: 

Green says these are not the only changes being made by the TTC this week. New express bus services are being put into the rotation on Tuesday morning, including the 929 Dufferin Express, 952 Lawrence Express and 989 Weston Express.

Also starting Tuesday, the TTC is piloting a new 12 D Kingston Road bus that operates during peak periods from Victoria Park station out to the U of T Scarborough campus. 

"That came as a result of some requests from the local community and the local councillors," Green said.