UPDATE: One person dead in mid-air plane crash over Ottawa

Police say one person is dead after two small planes crashed mid-air in Ottawa on Sunday morning.

Ottawa police say the collision occurred over the west end of the city just before 10:15 a.m.

Staff Sgt. Jamie Harper said the smaller of the two planes then crashed into a field near Carp Airport, while the other managed to land safely at the Ottawa International Airport.

Ottawa Paramedics responding to the scene of the crash found the victim suffering from critical injuries. He was pronounced dead minutes later.

Witnesses told CTV Ottawa that the victim was an 82-year-old recreational pilot who rarely ventured far from Carp Airport. 

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada says the other aircraft that landed safely sustained minor damage, while Ottawa Paramedics confirm there were no injuries to the occupants.

Witnesses said it appeared to be a father and son inside that plane. 

The TSB is investigating the incident. 

- With files from The Canadian Press