UPDATE: Passengers stuck on Via Rail train struck by debris near Trenton

TRENTON, Ont. - Passengers experienced a seven-plus hour delay Saturday after a Via Rail train travelling between Toronto and Ottawa struck debris near Trenton, causing a fuel leak and damage to the train's windows.

Spokesman Kaven Delarosbil says the 52 train struck debris around 10:15 a.m. and that all 150 passengers were safely moved to the 62 train.

However, a mechanical inspection on that second train revealed a number of issues and as a result, more maintenance was required before it could move forward.

"Our employees are working on solving the problem and organizing additional alternate transportation from Belleville," Delarosbil said Saturday afternoon in a written statement to NEWSTALK1010.

Jason Krell says he was sitting in the rear car of the train when it hit the debris.

He says after the window smashed, the train immediately stopped and passengers were told to move to the front of the train.

Krell says nobody was injured, but he and his fellow passengers were frustrated because they had been waiting on the tracks for several hours. At one point, the power was cut to the train, although that has since been restored.

"We had to cut the power on and off for a while in order to perform trouble shooting, but now the power is back on," Delarosbil confirmed. 

Some bathrooms were also out of order for a short time "because the air pressure was cut in order to perform tests on the system."

Via confirmed just after 6:00 p.m. that the 62 train had finally arrived in Belleville and from there, passengers were being bussed to their final destinations.

The train operator says the safety of their passengers was and will always be their first priority. As for compensation, Via Rail passengers can redeem 100 per cent travel credits for delays of four hours or more.

- With files from Jackie Rosen/NEWSTALK1010