UPDATE: Possible discovery made at the property linked to McArthur

There are reports that police hve made a new discovery at the home on Mallory Crescent, the Leaside property tied to the Bruce McArthur investigation.

Police search teams have returned to a home on Mallory Crescent in Toronto after police dogs searching the property suggested to investigators it might be worth another look.

The home in Leaside was where the remains of seven alleged victims of McArthur were found in planters. McArthur had done landscaping work at the home.

Toronto Police searched 100 other properties in May and June but found nothing of interest.

Police dogs also took another look at the Leaside property and based on what they found, investigators have decided to do more digging on the property.

Officers have confirmed to NEWSTALK1010, that they will be on scene for a few weeks.