UPDATE: Seven people, including two York Region cops charged in corruption takedown

Seven people have been charged, two of them York Regional Police officers, after a jaw-dropping investigation that involves guns, drugs violence and abuse of power.

Police say the probe was launched in January to explore allegations that constable Richard Senior, a 14-year veteran of the service was involved in illegal activity.

What police say they turned up is evidence that Senior was involved in trafficking cocaine and steroids, the theft of a police shotgun, an attempted armed robbery for cocaine, interfering in the prosecution of Highway Traffic Act violations and disclosure of confidential police information.

Senior faces 30 criminal charges detailed below.


York Regional Police handout

Senior is in custody ahead of a court date October 16. If released, he will be suspended from duty with pay.

York Regional Police constable Timur Timerbulatov is already on paid suspension having been charged with breach of trust and unauthorized use of a computer not for a police purpose.

York Regional Police Chief Eric Jolliffe released the following statement:

"This is unacceptable criminal behaviour that will not be tolerated by members of our organization. It is not a reflection on the dedicated, hard-working and extremely professional York Regional Police members working together each and every day to keep our community safe. This was a difficult investigation, however, we are committed to upholding our values of integrity and accountability."

Five other people are also facing charges.


York Regional Police handout

Police did not answer NEWSTALK 1010 requests for more information on the case.

It is not clear what position Catherine Petrolo holds that might explain her being charged with breach of trust by a public officer.